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Build Cloudservices which is built as the most flexible, scaleable & extensible, accesible from any device by handling data in the cloud, ready to effectivate, optimize and secure.


Here you can install unlimited new extensions, enable and turn them on / off. You can also go into our intelligent ExtensionStore and explore, search or develop your own extensions.

Soporte 24/7

UBIQUITOUS HQ Siempre está preparado para Soporte vivo 24/7 365, que le ayuda con la instalación, configuración, sign-up o lo que se puede pedir, directamente en el centro de control remoto.

  • 1 x Panel
  • Extensiones ilimitadas
  • Free Instant Setup!
  • 24/7 Quality Support
  • Branding

$5 /mth

  • Unlimited Panels
  • Extensiones ilimitadas
  • Free Instant Setup!
  • 24/7 Quality Support
  • DeveloperKIT
  • WhiteLabel

$19 /mth


Mobile Web Grid

Interconnected API Cloud-infrastructure / Infra-CloudStructure
Fleet networks of clouds containing a Node Setup > Master, Client & Slave back-ends via Index.php API
Offline, BLE, Wifi, 5G
Operator, Admin, Managers & Developers > B2B, B2C, C2B
Server, Business Station, Media Center, Consol Browser, Personal Computer, Mobile Device, Tablet & Smartwatch


Organized & Simplified
Segments, Section & Categories + Tracting ( Filter & Sort ) & Tags Predefined parametres
ID’s & Classes til hvert Unit ( Hvordan det er struktureret i Liquid DataStore Concept )
Easy to use Query Search med specifike parametre

Hybrid API

API Integration Hub
3rd Party Extension DeveloperKIT in our API ecosystem

Quantum CloudCore

AI; Bots, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Algorithms
Components & Objects
Secret Source + Keys


QubitCubes & QubitCodes

Native Bridge JS

Native Web App - Access hardware thru web
Offline Local Web Server, DB & File Storage

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